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Diamond In The Rough Clothing Co. Park inspired apparel ready to wear for you next post.

And Here We Go

Starting anything new can be crazy; whether you're starting at a new school, you're a new parent, or even starting a new TV series can be a wild adventure.

This is my new school/baby/tv series. I'm going in here like Cady Heron having a baby like Kirsten Dunst in that LIfetime movie that's about to start a new show on Netflix. So here I am; creating "Diamond In The Rough Clothing." Something I wanted to do for awhile and I'm not ready to share with the rest of the world online. You know the internet, where Beyonce and twitter comments live?

So here's to a new adventure. Diamond in the Rough is going to be a fun side project that will begin with three shirts and more to come. Stick around, this should make for an entertaining ride.

A Little About Myself

A Little About Myself