Hello and welcome,

 I'm Mario! I'm 23 years old, I'm from Los Angeles CA and I'm lying about my age.  I've been a fan of the parks since I was a kid and expressing my style at the parks is always a must. I've always believed that you don't buy clothes, you curate a wardrobe. One day I finally got the idea to make my own shirts that I want to share with all of you. So I started Diamond In The Rough Clothing to share my love for the parks in a way no one has done yet. Hope you enjoy the new clothing and when life gets tough; remember you're a diamond.

Diamonds were forged through pressure and came out beautiful. When life is tough, remember that youโ€™re a diamond.
— Anonymous

The Idea

Create something that wasn't done yet. Clothing that people can wear day to day or at the parks with sass.


Diamond in the Rough Clothing is clothing made with style in mind. Shirts made from ideas at the parks and movies that no one else is rocking. 

Do It For The Gram!

Clothing lovingly screen printed in LA and ready to post on all your social media apps!