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We’re all in this together...sort of

We’re all in this together...sort of

In the immortal words of Kenny Ortega’s hit movie “High School Musical” ‘we’re all in this together’ and I’d like to think that all the small shops are all in this together, except for one clothing company that blocked me.

Yes, a fellow small shop has blocked me on my business and personal account. A company that I had made several purchases from in the past and tagged in numerous photos has decided to take the extra (and I’d say unnecessary) step in blocking me. I won’t name names but for those of you Nancy Drews out there, you’ll know which company I’m talking about based on the hints throughout this post. Also, why would I mention them and give them extra clicks/money?

So what did I do to offend a family company that claims that we’re all their “family/ohana?”  I have three guesses:

1. My merch is up and coming and they’re either not happy that we had a cross over.
If this is the case then, oops! Great minds think alike. Also, both of our sweaters we’re clearly pulled from the successful pop star that wrote the song. So thank you next. Furthermore, I can’t tell you how many times I come up with an idea go on instagram and realize that someone has already done it.Or will put it out into production before I’ve even finished vectoring something for printing.


2. I ran my mouth and they didn’t like it.
Yes I’m am aware that I have strong opinions. I stand for the LGBTQ+ community. I am unapologetically queer, a child of immigrants, and always demanding that we hold others accountable for their actions. So I find it very hypocritical when a company who claims to be allies (and is also part POC) doesn’t have the decency to say why they don’t like me nor call me out if I’ve done something to offend them. What is interesting is that they stand on their “we love you all” platform but will do something like this and not explain why. In the words of Trinity The Tuck from RuPaul’s Drag Race, “I call shade.”

3. Russian hacking. 

Hey the current administration did it so this could easily be their excuse.

Perhaps it’s none of these reasons and they’re upset for another reason. But to take the extra step and block me on both my accounts is a level of petty that I would admire if they weren’t using the facade of “supporting everyone” and “loving yourself.”

Frankly, I’m surprised that they did this as we don’t run in the same circles and have never met face to face. I even took extra time to buy them an Infinity Gauntlet sipper cup and ship it to their son because I saw them asking for help on their Instagram stories. 

Perhaps they’re upset that there’s another small shop in the business and that they’re afraid that the pot is getting to big with all of us. If that’s the case then I also will disagree because I don’t think we’re filling the pot but instead making the pot bigger. 

Maybe it’s none of these reasons and they just don’t like me anymore. Perfectly fine too. 

There’s no hard feelings. 

Good luck. 

Thank you. 


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