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Diamond In The Rough Clothing Co. Park inspired apparel ready to wear for you next post.

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

Originally I wanted to make a Hocus Pocus themed shirt for Halloween but after looking at all the other small shops that were making items I realized that there was an over saturation the market for Sanderson Sister shirts.

Unfortunately that means that I’m tabling the Sanderson shirt for the year and will revisit it sometime in the future.

But coming up next we are going to be doing more items released right before some big movies. Here are some hints for some things coming down the line…

So we have the first ever sweater coming based on a fall animated movie that I can’t wait to see. (Here’s a hint. it’s video games and it was a hilarious line from the trailer that better make the movie).

Also we’re planning to celebrate a certain mouse’s birthday in an amazing styled shirt that you’re going to want to get and wear all year round.

Finally we’ve got something coming for the holidays. It’s going to be a great fall/winter here at Diamond In The Rough. Stay tuned for some cool items you’re going to want to grab ASAP.

Black Fri-yay

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